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Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 09:13 am
To recap changes from last year: We have our own comm, I've switched the collection to moderated so you can post with tags right away, and GotG, Ant-Man and Incredible Hulk have been added to the movies.

Link to last year's remix.

Sign ups now through 16 March.
Remixing April through July.

How would it work?
  1. One person would write a fic and post it to a moderated and locked collection on AO3.

  2. The mod would send that fic to someone else, who would remix it in the tradition of remixes everywhere.

  3. They would post their remix to the same locked comm.

  4. The mod would send the remix (but NOT the previous story) to someone else, who would remix the remix.

  5. Repeat steps three and four until we've run out of people.

  6. The mod gets everyone to change the posting dates so that they're the same and make sure there's no order identifying information.

  7. Comm goes live with authors and dates secret, and everyone can guess who wrote what, and what the remixing order was.

  8. Mod posts a reveal of authors and remix order.

What fandom would this be?
Marvel Cinematic Universe, but limited to the movies. So references to other canon would be fine, but it would have to be something that people who had seen Captain America 1,2&3, Iron Man 1,2&3, Thor 1&2, Avengers 1&2, The Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy could follow. Not everyone is caught up on the TV shows, or has access to the new movies as they come out, and this is already a pretty big fence to play in. I would ask everyone to please avoid spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 until three weeks after it's North American release (26 May).

Is there a pairing rule?
No. Unlike in other remixes, remixers may change the pairing, or make the fic gen, or make the fic about a minor character, or go off on a tangent completely. However, the mod would request no ship bashing (mod reserves the right to call this). You do, however, have to be somewhat prepared to write most characters in the MCU movie universe.

Are there restrictions on what can be in the remix?
Yes, they are:
No rape/non-con, character death of characters alive in the original fic, graphic torture, or sex involving characters under sixteen.
No remixing into a crossover, as other users may not know the crossover. Other AUs are fine.
No grudge remixes that mock the fic being remixed (mod reserves the right to call this).

How long would each fic be?
At least 1000 words, but no upper limit.

How long would we have to write?
Two weeks from when you get it.

My turn has come up, and RL is kicking my ass, can I defer?
The mod will e-mail when it's your turn to make sure you're good to go. You can defer once, before you get the fic to remix, and be put back into a later slot. However, if you've already seen the fic, you have to take you turn, as the point is that you don't see more than one version.

What if I take my turn, but then can't do it?
More notice is better, but if for some reason you can't finish, the mod will arrange for someone further down the stream to step in, and let everyone else know about schedule adjustments. If you end up finishing your fic before reveals, you can still post it, but it won't be remixed by someone else.

Can I post tags and stuff on my fic?
Yes, this year the collection will be moderated, so you can tag your fic however you like, and it won't show up in the collection for others to spy out.

When will this run?
Remixing will start in early April, and run until we run out of people. Last year it went into July.

How do I sign up?
Sign up here! It's open until 16 March 2017.

I have another question!
Please ask it in comments here. Anon commenting is turned on.


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